We’re all former lawyers, two law firm partners and one FTSE 100 GC.

Top 3 Legal is an innovative web app with benefits for clients, law firms and individual lawyers described below. It enables clients to manage their external lawyer relationships more efficiently and allows law firms to ensure that their lawyers’ credentials and profile information is in front of clients at the time they are looking to instruct a lawyer.

Prior to setting up Top 3 Legal, Gareth Stephenson was a corporate partner at Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, Richard Fleetwood was a corporate partner at Addleshaw Goddard and Richard Shoylekov was GC at Ferguson plc.




Law Firms



How It Works

Clients access a live Team Sheet showing the contact details and current profile information of all their external lawyers, overlaid with private recommendations and notes added by their team.

Relationship law firms import (and then update as necessary) their lawyer contacts and profiles for the client team by work type and location. All of this is easily viewed and searched by the client user.

Alternatively, users can simply search the database of lawyer profiles by name, work type and / or location.

For Clients

Instruct the right lawyer for each matter. Immediate access for all your team to your live Team Sheet - you can then search by work type and / or location to see which lawyers your colleagues recommend, their notes and who your contacts are at your relationship firms.

Your team’s notes on individual lawyers create a private, corporate record of which lawyers have assisted you on which matters plus notes and feedback on those lawyers for future reference.

To set up your team / Team Sheet or for a short demo, please email [email protected]

You can also set-up (or join) a private network on T3L to input / share / access peer-to-peer recommendations from others in that network. Please email [email protected] for further details

For Lawyers

A free profile that you own and control to enable you to build your market profile and request and receive client recommendations.

With a premium profile, you can provide richer information to clients, including your bio, more work types, recent matter and sector experience and links to your firm’s website.

You can also now import your team’s contact details and profile information direct into your client’s Team Sheet so that your team credentials are in front of your client team when they are deciding who to instruct or to invite to tender on a matter. There are no costs for doing this.

To provide your team information to a client using Team Sheets, or for a short demo, please email [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions


What's the annual timetable and process for Top 3 Legal?

There isn't an annual timetable or process. There are no submissions or references required. Top 3 Legal is “always on”, up-to-date and grows continuously via crowd-sourced contributions. Clients can add recommendations at any time and lawyers can update their profiles at any time.

What are the costs?

No costs for clients. No costs for lawyer standard profiles.

Premium profiles are subject to an annual subscription per user (with discounts the more profiles a firm has). These range from £120 per profile per annum (for up to 50 profiles) and reduce to £36 for over 2,000 profiles.

Alternatively, it costs £80 per lawyer per annum to have a premium profile in a client's Team Sheet when the premium profile is taken out at the same time as the Team Sheet is set-up.

What if negative / unfair reviews are made?

It’s a positive process: there’s no scope for negative inputs. Clients are simply inputting the names of lawyers they’d recommend – a quick and easy process with no scoring, star-rating, reviews or free text commentary.

What’s the geographical coverage of Top 3 Legal?

Top 3 Legal is global. It already includes details of the lawyers in the top 200 UK law firms, the top 50 US firms and lawyers in other major law firms around the world.

Lawyers not included can register free profiles at any time and Top 3 Legal will also be adding more lawyers and law firms around the world.

Lawyers (in law firms or freelance etc.)

How many recommendations can I make / request

There is no limit to how many recommendations a client can make or a lawyer can request.

What extra work will Top 3 Legal involve?

Client recommendations take seconds to add. Lawyer standard profiles are already set-up for over 150k lawyers. Profiles belong to the relevant lawyer and he / she can edit the profile as they see fit (in the same way as they do e.g. with a LinkedIn profile).

What are the benefits of having a premium profile?

With a premium profile, you can provide much richer information to clients by linking them to your CV, LinkedIn profile and any parts of your firm / organisation website. You can also easily add other free text should you wish (such as your work type, sector experience and recent matters).

Can alternative providers / contractors / freelancers be listed and recommended?

Yes, they can. There’s increasing diversity in how legal services are provided / resourced and alternative providers can be listed alongside law firms and contractors / freelancers alongside lawyers working in law firms.

Clients / in-house lawyers

If I make a recommendation, who can see I've made it?

Client recommendations are anonymous except: (1) the person you recommend will be notified that you’ve recommended them; and (2) if you have access to your client Team Sheet or specifically opt to share your recommendations with colleagues and / or your network, then they’ll be able to see that you made the recommendation.

If you have any other questions, please email us at [email protected]

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