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I thought, 'this is a great way of managing our regional legal engagements in a much more user-friendly way – without having to rely on emails, and transfer that information into excel, which would have to be kept up to date and live'. That is always the struggle, gathering information and keeping it up to date. I thought if we could find something that gives all of our lawyers across the region that visibility over our law firm relationships, it would incentivise them to keep it up to date as well. For example, in one South-Asian country, we knew from anecdotal references that the exact piece of advice we were looking to get had been provided a year prior, however there had been some turnover in the team and nobody could find it or recall which law firm we had used. So, we literally were duplicating spend, which is crazy. Those are the things that we really thought we could try to eliminate.
Emilia Law / Head Legal, Middle East & Africa, Novartis
Chambers and Partners

The world’s leading provider of legal research and analysis acquired Top 3 Legal in June 2020.

Thomson Reuters

Legal Tracker, corporate legal industry’s most widely used software for e-billing, matter management, and performance analytics is our partner.

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