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About Top 3 Legal.

Top 3 Legal helps businesses find the right lawyer for each matter. This is accomplished by pooling live information from their colleagues and peers from other organisations in one place.

Three lawyers launched Top 3 Legal in 2018. Two were senior partners of leading international law firms and one was General Counsel at a FTSE 100 company. With almost a century of knowledge and experience among them, they faced the challenges of founding, building and developing relationships between lawyers and clients first-hand. As a result, businesses and law firms can trust that the functionality provided by the platform is both efficient and relevant to their needs.

In June 2020, Chambers and Partners purchased Top 3 Legal to accelerate the digitisation of its directories and provide a powerful engine focused on corporate teams. To learn more about Chambers and Partners, visit

About Top 3 Legal

What is Top 3 Legal?

Ever-evolving platform for business, law firms and lawyers.

Top 3 Legal is an ever-evolving platform that is continually adding new features to improve how we support businesses, their law firms and ALSPs, and lawyers. Here are just a few of the already established ones…

Team Sheets

Team Sheets are an easy-to-use tool that give immediate access to the details of external lawyers used by a business.

They are built from invited law firms providing their lawyer contacts by work type and location to which businesses then add their own contacts, recommendations, notes and favourites.

Our Client Success Team makes this as simple as possible for everyone.

Search Functionality

When a business is searching for a lawyer with a specific expertise in a particular location, their Team Sheet allows them to quickly see a list of matching lawyers from their relationship law firms.

The Team Sheet shows contact information, profiles and, importantly, recommendations and private notes from colleagues on their own experience of working with those lawyers.

Lawyer Profiles

Two types of lawyer profiles are available.

A free profile shows a lawyer’s basic profile information and enables individual lawyers to request and receive client recommendations.

As well as doing all this, premium profiles allow lawyers to provide much richer information to users. This includes bio, more work types and recent matter and sector experience. They can also add links to thought leadership and opinion pieces to help support their credentials.

Lawyer Recommendations

Using the power of peer-to-peer endorsements, Top 3 Legal provides a constantly updating, trusted network of recommended lawyers with immediate access to lawyer contact details and profiles.

Users can see who has recommended the lawyer from within their own organisation, who has recommended them from their extended network and can also see the lawyer’s total number of recommendations.

Lawyers who have been recommended by people in a client organisation are more likely to benefit from repeat instructions and new work from others in that organisation. Business users can share these trusted recommendations with people they network with in other organisations, so increasing the chance of additional work for the lawyer.

Lawyer Notes

On Team Sheets, businesses can also add notes on the lawyers to create a corporate record of which lawyer helped on which matter and to record their views on those lawyers. These notes are private and are visible only to members of the client’s team.

Working Smarter

Registered users can access a directory of innovative products and services provided by law firms and other providers, including technology and resource solutions. These products and services help businesses to work smarter and more efficiently.