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Nigel Shepherd
Nigel Shepherd

Nigel Shepherd , Mills & Reeve LLP

Partner / Equivalent
National Head Of Family Law
  • Manchester, England
  • London, England
Family / matrimonial

I am a solicitor and National Head of Family Law at Mills & Reeve. I am a specialist family lawyer, collaborative practitioner and family arbitrator with over 35 years’ experience dealing mainly with the more complex financial issues (eg, businesses, trusts and pensions) that need to be negotiated when a marriage or other personal relationship sadly comes to an end.

I can also advise sensitively and effectively on the arrangements for children (where they live and the arrangements for the time they spend with each parent) and I have expertise in drawing up pre- and post-marital agreements and cohabitation contracts.

I am also a family arbitrator (financial cases).

Work Types

In addition to the above, I have considerable experience in work that involves international issues, which is increasingly important with more families living and working, or having other connections, away from their home country.

My clients come from all walks of life and include entrepreneurs, sports stars and professionals.