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Paul de Vince
Paul de Vince

Paul de Vince , Gateley Plc

Partner / Equivalent
  • Reading, England
Commercial (general), Outsourcing, Procurement

I specialise in commercial law and split my time between advisory / compliance matters and transactional work.

On the ground that means that typically my work will range from advising smaller businesses on their trading and procurement strategy and working on major commercial projects for multi-nationals.

I have a particular interest in projects that sit on the supply chain spectrum, often working with manufacturing businesses. I have worked on numerous strategically important and sometime complex projects for major corporates including the likes of Primark, Kingsmill, VWG, British American Tobacco, Dr.Oetker and others.

However I do still do a broad range of non supply chain work and am heavily involved in working with in house teams on improving engagement models.

Clients Advised (current / recent)

  • Associated British Foods.
  • British American Tobacco.
  • Centrica.
  • Dr.Oetker.
  • Henkel Loctite.
  • Indesit.
  • New York Bakery.
  • Timpsons.
  • VWG.

Work Types

  • supply chain management and logistics
  • outsourcing
  • public / private projects
  • full spectrum of trading agreements both on the sales & on the procurement side
  • corporate support
  • Commercial Agents Regulations
  • international trade
  • contract standardisation projects
  • work flow management projects
  • IHL team overflow management


  • Public and Private
  • FMCG / retail
  • Manufacturing